Shipping and Production Coordinator

Posted: 12/18/2022

General Duties, Responsibilities & Requirements: • Be to work on time with minimal unscheduled time off. • Ability to take and follow verbal and written direction. • Read blueprints including architectural and structural drawing, shop drawings, hardware list, and piece tickets. • Calculate fractions, decimals, portions, percentages, area, and volume. • Follow proper safety procedures. • Maintain a positive, helpful, & constructive attitude. • Ability to work additional hours/days as required. • Ability to adapt to changing situations. Job Duties, Responsibilities & Requirements: • Enter and maintain data of all production and shipping activity. • Manage and maintain barcoding system. • Work with contractors and architects for timely approval of submittals such as but not limited to, color and finish approval, product data, material handling, raw material testing reports, etc. • Work with drafting department and/or installers to create a sequencing and priority list for production and shipping. • Distribute work orders to departments, denoting barcode numbers, type, and proposed completion date of units to be produced. • Review master production schedule and work orders insuring projects are being scheduled correctly. • Track projects during submittal review and during production to insure projects are fully completed and are on schedule. • Coordinate and schedule shipping of completed materials with customers and transit companies using multiple means of transit options and choosing the most financially beneficial option for the company. • Inform installers of rigging and handling requirement prior to shipment of material along with return of A-frames, pallets, packing materials, etc. • Create bill of lading for each shipment including but not limited to load weight, number of pieces, hardware, trailer number, transit company, etc. • Inspect finished product prior to palletizing and after loading for any quality issues. • Visit projects sites as needed to help customers should issues arise. • Track all change orders through production and coordinate shipping of materials. • Work with contractors and architects for close out submittals such as but not limited to, warranty letters, patching, testing results, compliance reports, etc. • Manage all aspects of the Cast Stone Institute requirements including but not limited to, personal certifications, company certifications, internal and external testing requirements, proper documentation, random inspection documentation etc. • Create concrete mix designs and pour samples for customers. • Work with sales staff on front end design development projects. • Prepare shipping rate quotes for estimates. • Attend and participate appropriately in meetings such as production, planning, training, etc. Expected Hours of Work: • Position is hourly based 40+ hours per week. Base schedule is Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Additional hours and/or days will be required based upon volume of workload.