Posted: 12/18/2022

General Duties, Responsibilities & Requirements: • Be to work on time with minimal unscheduled time off. • Ability to take and follow verbal and written direction. • Read blueprints including shop drawings, hardware list, and piece tickets. • Calculate fractions, decimals, portions, percentages, area, and volume. • Properly operate hand and power tools. • Follow proper safety procedures. • Maintain a clean and safe work area. • Maintain a positive, helpful, & constructive attitude. • Ability to lift 80 lbs. on an occasional basis and 50 lbs. on a repetitious basis. • Ability to work additional hours/days as required. • Fill out time sheets and material usage reports. • Assist in other departments if/as needed. Job Duties, Responsibilities & Requirements: • Fabricate molds for casting concrete elements cost efficiently and with precise tolerances using wood, plywood, foam, rubber, concrete, plastic, etc. • Operate power tools including table saw, drills, router, band saw, sanders, etc. • Apply sealer to molds to prolong mold life. • Locate all cast-in items such as lifters, inserts, slots, block outs, plates, electrical, etc. • Clean and maintain mold elements and reassemble parts for next casting. • Disassemble molds after completion of job while salvaging parts for use on future projects.