Community Services Director

Job Description

 The Community Services Director (CSD) is responsible for directing, leading and managing the operations of a comprehensive array of services and programs within assigned business unit. The CSD will oversee and supervise assigned business areas and review services being offered on an ongoing basis to ensure high quality. The CSD will develop new programs and services to grow the organization.

Job responsibilities included but are not limited to:

Ultimately responsible for the quality of program services provided and implementation of company core focus and values.

  • To monitor overall quality of services.
  • Maintain contact with individuals served and their interdisciplinary team members.
  • To attend and provide leadership during meetings that communicate standards, provide direction, and encourage creative approaches and problem solving.
  • To regularly assess services to assure health, safety, and mission opportunities.
  • Assure company’s role in all support plans is completed and implemented in a timely manner.
  • Assure services follow licensure standards, regulations, and company policy.
  • Develop and ensure implementation of high-quality standards and operational procedures.
  • Request feedback and satisfaction from supports and team on communication and management. Respond promptly to customer complaints and concerns.

Provide leadership in mediation/facilitation of creative problem solving in response to issues/concerns of clients, parent/guardian, case manager and community for services.

  • To mediate and respond to grievances.
  • To identify and facilitate needed changes of systems and practices in response to issues.

Maintain ultimate responsibility for the direction, management, and supervision of all assigned personnel.

  • To provide direct supervision and oversight of managers including hiring and firing.
  • To provide indirect supervision and assure oversight of service staff through the managers. Including hiring, orientation, ongoing monitoring of performance and provision of feedback, evaluation etc.
  • To assure staff schedules adhere to approved budgeted hours and assure overtime is kept within accepted targets.
  • To develop and implement management procedures consistent with organizational philosophy, policies, and procedures.

Maintain ultimate responsibility for the development and implementation of a comprehensive training program of personnel.

  • To provide and ensure the provision of orientation and ongoing training of managers and supervisors, to assist them in developing and maintain a program and environment which offers the maximum benefit to the customer.
  • To assure the development and implementation of training for Direct Support Professional through orientation, staff meetings, in services, and training opportunities.
  • To attend and participate in conferences, seminars, workshops, and training sessions offered within the organization as well as those offered by external associations and organizations to maintain a level of awareness and knowledge of new developments in the field.
  • To attend and participate in applicable ongoing education.

Maintain Empowerment, Innovation, and Learning within the Company.

  • Oversee employee annual performance evaluations. Provide direction and training in content of evaluation by facilitating the organization of process for implementation and completing evaluations in key supervisory staff with focus on personal growth and development.
  • To provide leadership and facilitation of a company culture that promotes ownership and values each employee’s contribution to services. 
  • To utilize employee surveys and supervisory input to evaluate morale.
  • To provide strategies/program initiatives that foster ownership culture and valuing employees.
  • To communicate ideas to managers/supervisors.
  • To identify key individuals to give feedback on an annual program manager performance evaluation.
  • To meet, as needed, with management teams to facilitate problem identification and problem solving, strategic planning, policies and procedure development, personnel issues, and any actions and issues that impact the company.

Ultimately responsible for the overall financial management of assigned business areas and services.

  • To analyze and monitor the fiscal needs and contributions of the services as it impacts the company performance.
  • To work with county entities on potential new development and referrals.
  • To consult with CEO, COO and Financial Director concerning long-term financial and operational issues.
  • To keep abreast of budget requirements and to problem solve viable options.
  • To develop business unit budgets and set up plans for discrepancies.
  • To monitor contract hours used and set up plan to increase or decrease use.
  • To work cooperatively with Financial Director and identify to the CEO any financial needs and provide analysis of revenue, expenditures, and bad debt on a monthly basis.
  • To ensure collection of accounts receivable.
  • To review processes and practices to increase program efficiencies
  • To address budget issues with managers and supervisors to assure proper management of individuals served and household finance.
  • To promote innovative ideas that decrease cost and increase efficiency.
  • To work with accounting regarding program expense issues.

Support and provide leadership in the ongoing development of a mission and values driven culture.

  • To use the mission and values as a guide in decision making.
  • To support and work cooperatively with leadership in upholding standards set by mission and values in their supervision of client programs and employee performance.
  • Set and uphold standards of performance outlined in policies, procedures, and company philosophies.
  • To assure philosophy and policies set down by senior management are fulfilled in service delivery.
  • To evaluate services in regard to needs for altering systems and practices; document, communicate and implement agreed upon changes.
  • To set goals for improvement as recommended.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the company’s performance in the area of service delivery and program performance.
  • To make recommendations for initiatives and program improvement based on the analysis of data.
  • To assist with reporting results to involved parties.
  • To communicate progress and outcomes of initiatives to senior management.
  • To assist and support in the development and implementation of the company’s annual plan.
  • To represent program interests, capacity, and priorities in the planning process.
  • To work with CEO on incorporating program data from surveys to guide in decision making.
  • To assist in developing a system of communication to keep involved parties informed and engaged.
  • To analyze progress, identify barriers and recommend solutions on a regular basis.

Promote organization and develop new services/business opportunities to grow the organization.

  • Lead and facilitate external marketing of the organization.
  • To promote new and existing services.
  • Support and assist senior management in development of new lines of business.
  • Engage and network with the state, lead agencies, and potential clientele to establish positive working relationships to foster growth.

Other duties

  • To work as scheduled, arriving on time and staying until the end of the workday and to inform staff of your schedule (and others as needed). This includes using and updating your Outlook calendar at least one time per week to include listing in and out on the calendar.
  • To accurately complete employee electronic timecards by the designated date and time (see EON, Inc.’s payroll schedule). This also includes approving/denying requests for time off and for reimbursement of money spent in accordance with EON, Inc’s policy.
  • To read work related email in order to stay current with work related information and to respond to others by either acknowledging or responding to their email in a timely manner.
  • To use the most appropriate means of communication (meetings, voicemail, email, etc.) to disseminate information to management staff, employees, team members, etc., in order to ensure open and consistent communication.
  • To use good judgment when participating in activities or maintenance; to maintain workplace safety so that injuries are prevented or at least minimized; this includes stretching, limiting the amount or scope of physical effort put forth, etc.
  • To act in an honest, ethical and professional manner in all aspects of fulfilling the requirements of the position and at all times while on duty, whether it be on or off EON, Inc.’s property, this would include treating people with kindness and respect, reporting all conduct of self and others that is not honest, ethical or professional and/or violates EON, Inc.’s policies and procedures, using
    EON, Inc.’s equipment, tools, supplies, etc. for work purposes only, using work time in an efficient and effective manner, etc.
  • To review incident reports, emergency use of manual restraint’s, medication variances, etc. for completeness and accuracy and route to appropriate management staff in a timely manner.
  • To communicate and correspond with community agencies and resources, as necessary.
  • To represent EON by active participation at professional organizations, cooperative county meetings, and community activities through provider groups (Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota, Minnesota Social Services Association) and Support Self Advocacy.
  • To complete other duties as assigned.

Bachelor’s degree in Health, and Human/Social Services field. Three to five years of progressive management and supervisory experience in Home and Community Based Services or Health Care industry. Experience in, and working knowledge of, applicable rules and regulations governing Home and Community Based Services, Intermediate Care Facilities, and the health care industry preferred.

Must be able to meet the qualification of a Designated Manager which includes any of the following:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in a field related to human services and one year of full-time experience
  • Associates Degree or Diploma in a field related to human services from an accredited post-secondary institution and 2 years (4,160 hours) of full-time experience.
  • Four years (8,320 hours) of experience under the supervision of a staff person who meets the previous listed qualifications.


AND three years of supervisory level experience in a program providing direct support services to persons with disabilities or persons age 65 and older.

Must also be able to meet the following qualifications:

  • Ability to safely operate and drive a motor vehicle with a Valid driver’s license and meet qualifiers to be insured by EON, Inc.’s vehicle insurance provider.
  • Safe and Operational vehicle to commute and travel for business purposes.
  • Ability to pass a Minnesota Dept. of Human Services Background Study. To include ability to provide direct care without restrictions.
  • Complete all orientation and training needs as written in policy.
  • Meet the physical requirements as outlined in this position description.
  • Possess good oral and written communication skills.
  • Able to read and write in English.
  • Basic computer knowledge and skills using Microsoft Office to include Excel, Word, and Outlook.
The Community Services Director is a full-time salaried exempt position reporting to the Operations Director. The directors schedule must be flexible to accommodate various facility, personnel, and organizational needs. Usual hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. EON, Inc is an employee-owned organization, become an employee owner today! This position is eligible for our full compensation/benefits package and employee stock ownership. 
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